Deck Porch, Screen Room, & Under Deck Options

We love to help our customers get the most out of their new decks. So if you have a patio under the deck that you want to use on rainy days, you want more storage space, or you would like a cool, shaded, and bug-free spot to sit on your deck, we have options for that as well.


Options under a Deck   Options under a Deck

Deck Drain & Soffit under Deck

Deck Drain is basically rubber roofing that installs on top of the framing of the deck, underneath the floor boards. The water that comes through the deck is gathered by the Deck Drain. Then it is carried to the end of the deck, where it flows into a gutter that we will tie into your existing house gutter system. “We are using a lot of Deck Drain," says owner John. “Many of our customers have a patio under their deck, and for an extra $10-$12 a square foot they can have a dry area there to use on rainy days or for storage." We almost always finish off the bottom of the deck with soffit when we use deck drain. (Soffit is the white ceiling under the deck that is visible in the pictures above). The soffit will help to brighten the area, and give it a more finished look. This also allows us to install lighting, and ceiling fans under the deck, while hiding all the wires and fixtures above the soffit.



Deck Porches   Deck Porches

Deck Porch

We have built quite a few porches on our decks over the years, anything from a simple porch style roof attached to the house, to an A frame style or a hip roof. “These projects vary a lot in price,” explains Melvin, who oversees the install crews, “because there are so many different options available. From square posts to round columns, straight roof line to the more complicated hip roof style. If you see a roof or column style that you like, send us a link or a picture and we would be happy to get a price quote out to you.” Adding a roof to your deck will greatly increase the amount of time you spend on it. Add a ceiling fan and you’ll have a cool,shaded spot you can use on the hottest days in summer, a dry spot for rainy days, and put a patio heater or two out there, and you have great spot for those chilly fall and spring evenings.


Screen Rooms under a Deck   Screen Rooms under a Deck

Screen Room

We have installed screen rooms with our decks, in two different ways. Either underneath the deck with Deck Drain and soffit, or above the deck with a roof. “It isn’t really a matter of a right way or a wrong way,” explains John. “Just a matter of what you will use the room for, and if you have the space needed underneath your deck.” A room at ground level under a deck tends to be more private, and a little cooler in the summer. However it will require more lighting to be installed, and may be a bit damp at times. Depending on the surrounding grade. A room built on top of your deck, will give you a better view, and a more dry and breezy environment. However it will also make you more visible to your neighbors, and will be harder to keep warm with patio heaters on breezy fall and spring days.



Storage Areas under a Deck   Storage Areas under a Deck

Storage areas

These areas can provide storage space without taking up any more room in your backyard. We can do anything from simply a few pieces of soffit attached to the bottom of the deck framing to redirect the water, for semi-dry storage. To deck drain and soffit over a poured concrete pad with walls framed up, secure lockable doors, and finished off with siding or deck boards to match your deck. Ray, our permit and customer service guy explains, “This is a great way to utilize the space underneath your deck that will otherwise be wasted. Some customers just want a small area to store their outdoor furniture during the winter. Other customers want the entire area under the deck finished with lights, and electric outlets to store all their lawn and garden tools, riding mowers, etc. And to have a work area for their projects.”