How Much Does a Deck Cost?


Cost of Deck per Square Foot 4 How Much Does a Deck Cost per Square Foot 3 Deck Pricing per Square Foot 2 Deck Cost per Square Foot 1

$48,000 - $53,000
deck cost

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Deck Size: approx. 20' X 50'
1250 square feet

Deck Material:
Azek Deck Slate Gray color

Custom Deck Options:

  • White Vinyl rails with
  • Gray Deckorator spindles
  • 14 Octagon section with
  • octagon floor
  • 2 6' Bumpouts with benches
  • Waterproof storage Bench
  • 10' Waterfall steps
  • Matching Skirting around
  • bottom of Deck
  • Low Voltage Post Top Lights
  • Low Voltage Step Lights
  • 14' Octagon Gazebo with
  • screens & electrical package

$26,000 - $28,000
deck cost

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Deck Size: 15' X 26'
400 square feet

Deck Material:
Azek Deck Brownstone color

Custom Deck Options:

  • White Vinyl Rails
  • 2 sets of 4' wide Steps
  • Clipped Corners
  • White Vinyl Lattice
  • 14' Octagon Gazebo with
  • screens & electrical package
  • Access Door in Lattice
  • Low Voltage Lights

$13,000 - $15,000
deck cost

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Deck Size: 18' X 20'
352 square feet

Deck Material:
Clubhouse Deck Walnut color

Custom Deck Options:

  • White Vinyl Rail
  • Post & Beams Covered
  • Clipped Corners
  • Bumpout in Front
  • 4' wide Steps

$5,500 - $6,500
deck cost

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Deck Size: 12' X 16'
192 square feet

Deck Material:
Pressure Treated Wood

Custom Deck Options:

  • 4' wide steps
  • Clipped Corners
  • Black Deckorator spindles
  • Stone under Deck



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How much does deck lattice or skirting cost?

Cost per square foot for lattice or skirting around the bottom of your deck

Composite Deck  with Almond LatticeComposite Deck
 with Almond Lattice
Brownstone Azekdeck Decking with Almond LatticeBrownstone Azekdeck
with Almond Lattice
Composite Deck with matching Skirting Composite Deck with
matching Skirting
Composite Deck with matching SkirtingComposite Deck with
matching Skirting

If you will have any open space between the ground and your deck, you should really give some thought to Deck Skirting or Lattice. It puts a nice finished look on a deck, especially one that’s 2’-3’ off the ground. We’re able to provide Skirting or Lattice up to about 8’ feet high. I’d say the cost of lattice for... say a 400 square foot deck is probably about $850-$1000. and the vertical Skirting is about 65% more than Lattice. Of course this will go up or down depending on the size of the deck and how off the ground it is.


How much does deck stone and landscape fabric cost?

Cost per square foot for stone and landscape fabric underneath your deck...


Putting stone and fabric under decks is something we do more and more of,

I think it’s great for both high decks and low decks, You see, it’s a good way to really dress up the underneath of a high deck, and it keeps it from getting all muddy.
On a low deck it actually helps prevent mold and mildew from growing on the deck because it keeps the underneath of the deck drier

Deck cost per square foot of putting down a good grade of fabric and stones will run around $1.50-$2.50 per square foot depending on what type of stone you choose.


Here are the Most Popular Stone Choices

3/4 Regular quarry stone under deck3/4" Regular quarry stone 3/4 White stone under deck3/4" White stone 3/4" Red stone under deck3/4" Red stone River Rock stone under deck River Rock Available in: 3/4", 1-3", and 3-5" Salmon stone under deckSalmon stone Available in: 3/4", and 2-4"


How much does a deck with a gazebo cost?

12 foot octagon gazebo with deck12’ octagon Gazebo  12 foot octagon gazebo with deck12’ octagon Gazebo 16 foot octagon gazebo with deck16’ octagon Gazebo  14 foot octagon gazebo with deck14’ octagon Gazebo 16 x 16 mahogany roof with deck16’x16’ Mahogany Roof


Depending on what size Gazebo you want, they can run anywhere between $7,000 for a standard model without the screens, doors or window packages. A 16 foot gazebo-which is a pretty big size-with the electrical package for the ceiling fan, the lights, the outlet, a door, the screens and the tinted windows- all the bells and whistles can run around $11,500.- 13,500" I'd say the average gazebo we put in is about $9,000. It's a 12 foot octagon gazebo that's not real fancy but comes with the screens, a cupola and the electrical package" reports Ray." That is big enough for the customers to really comfortably put a small table and 4 chairs around it"

Read more about Gazebos, Click here

An Insider’s Secret to the Cost of a Deck: How a Larger Deck Can Actually Be Cheaper:
Most decks are built up against a house so you only need railing on 3 sides. And many times, the cost per square feet of a deck decreases as the size goes up. The secret is in the railings. A 10 x 10 square foot deck –or 100 square feet will normally take 30 feet or railings. But a larger 20 x 20 or 400 square foot deck may only have 60 feet of railing, thus bringing the total cost per square feet down. For your own guaranteed to the penny estimate, drop us a simple email with your phone number and the best time to call you. These Amish guys get up pretty early in the morning so if you want we can even call you at 6 or 7 in the morning.

How much does it cost to build your own deck?

Of course it’s cheaper to build your own deck.  But make sure you know what you are doing.  In our experience, when the Amish guys have been called into “salvage” a project, much of the homeowners’ work cannot be saved, and the homeowner is no further ahead financially at all.  “We’ve seen footers not dug deep enough, ledger boards not fastened properly…a deck that is built so poorly it will never pass code!” recalls crew supervisor Elmer.

If you are considering a do it yourself deck, you may want to check with us to get a comparison price quote to see how much it would be to sit back and have Decks R Us do it for you.

Our Customers Have Buyers’ Remorse…

“One of the favorite parts of building a deck is seeing the customer’s reaction to our finished work” says Decks R Us Crew Leader Joe. “But every now and again, I hear them say- ‘Boy, now that I see my finished deck, I wish I would have added_____’. Since our decks are built to last a long time, I guess they regret not going with the lights or corner steps. Benches for example, are pretty easy to add after the fact. But lights, pergolas or gazebos will be a little more expensive if you want to add it after the deck is built.”

How Payment for your Deck Works

At Decks R Us, we usually ask for 30% down.
From there, there are different policies based on the size:
For decks under $15,000- we ask for 30% down and the balance is then due when you the customer is  happy.
And for decks over $15,000, we ask for another 30% on the 2nd day of the job.
“Our customers can’t  really get a feel for what their deck will look like on day 1.  We spend that first day setting up, digging the footers setting up the ledger boards and working on the base.  But because so much of their deck is done at our facility, by the 2nd day they can really see their deck take shape!  Waiting until the 2nd on the job site for the next payment, gives our customers another assurance that we are trustworthy.”
The balance is then due when everyone is happy.  Decks R Us also takes Visa and MasterCard.

Decks R Us now offers Financing

Make sure to check with us on any current specials the financing company is offering us, and we'll happily pass them along to you.

Check out the chart below to see what your payments could be like.

  60 months  84 months  120 months** 
Loan Amount 7.99% - 19.99% APR* 8.99% - 19.99% APR* 9.99% - 19.99% APR*
$1,000 $21 – $27 $17 – $23 – 
$2,000 $41 – $53  $33 – $45  – 
$3,000 $61 – $80  $49 – $67  – 
$4,000 $82 – $106  $65 – $89  – 
$5,000 $102 – $133  $81 – $112  – 
$6,000 $122 – $159  $97 – $134  – 
$7,000 $142 – $186  $113 – $156  – 
$8,000 $163 – $212  $129 – $178  $106 – $155 
$9,000 $183 – $239  $145 – $200  $119 – $174 
$10,000 $203 – $265  $161 – $223  $133 – $194 
$11,000 $223 – $292  $177 – $245  $146 – $213 
$12,000 $244 – $318  $194 – $267  $159 – $232 
$13,000 $264 – $345  $210 – $289  $172 – $252 
$14,000 $284 – $371  $226 – $311  $185 – $271 
$15,000 $305 – $398  $242 – $334  $199 – $290 
$16,000 $325 – $424  $258 – $356  $212 – $310 
$17,000 $345 – $451  $274 – $378  $225 – $329 
$18,000 $365 – $477  $290 – $400  $238 – $348 
$19,000 $386 – $504  $306 – $422  $251 – $368 
$20,000 $406 – $530  $322 – $445  $265 – $387 
$21,000 $426 – $557  $338 – $467  $278 – $406 
$22,000 $446 – $583  $354 – $489  $291 – $426 
$23,000 $467 – $610  $370 – $511  $304 – $445 
$24,000 $487 – $636  $387 – $533  $318 – $464 
$25,000 $507 – $663  $403 – $556  $331 – $483 

*Rates for our program range from 7.99% APR - 19.99% APR. Upon approval, the Annual Percentage Rate available to your customer will be determined by the term for which they apply, their credit standing and other factors as determined by Capital One. These rates are available for a limited time only and are not available in all areas. **The 120 month term is available for loan amounts of $7,500 or more.

A Few things to Look Out for When Shopping for Decks:

“Make sure you are comparing apples to apples,” suggests John.  Below are the top 5 things to check when comparing 2 estimates:

#1: Both estimates use the same type of material

In addition to going with a reputable company-ask for some references and find out what material they are using.   Many decks are cheaper because the builder will use a lower quality material.  Learn more about the materials Decks R Us of Lancaster uses.

#2: The deck is the same size

Since most deck builders charge by the square foot, This can make a big difference

#3:  The Deck Warranty is the Same

Ask about the warranty and be less confident if the warranty is not in writing.  Decks R Us has several written warranties covering our craftsmanship and the materials.

#4:  Will the Deck Builder Completely Handle All the township permits, building permits, building inspector visits, punch lists…etc.

If you don’t know how all these processes work, you could find yourself having to take a few days off work just to make sure you have a legal job site!  And if your permits are not in order, the local zoning officer has the right to shut your job down.

#5:  The Same Quality Details

Decks Built to Last

Hidden fasteners, picture framed edges
Covers the band boards with fascia board
6 x 6 support posts
Beams made from 2 x 12
Solid Step Risers
Use Flashing by the house
Hot Dipped/Galvanized or Stainless steel hardware

Decks Built Cheaply

Screw or nail the deck from the top
Skips this step
4 x 4 support posts
Beams made from 2 x 10 or even 2 x 8
Open step risers
No Flashing and hope you won’t notice
Regular untreated hardware

“Follow your gut, “concludes John.  “If you are not comfortable with your deck builder at the beginning, there is pretty big risk that you will be even more uncomfortable by the end.  Go with someone you trust….

To have John come out for a free no strings consultation on your deck project, call him on 717-656-4843


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