Is RadianceRail Right for My Deck?

Deck with RadianceRail

RadianceRail is a premier Vinyl Deck Railing manufactured by CPG Building Products. They are now sold under the brand name Azek, but for years were sold as Timbertech Radience Railings. This change happened in 2015 after CPG who owned Azek, bought out Timbertech decking and railing brands. Regardless of the name that appears on the boxes, this remains a top of the line deck railing for several reasons. Aesthetically, it has a big, strong profile with it’s 5” square posts and thick railings. From a performance standpoint, I don’t know of another Vinyl Deck railing available in the darker colors that will beat out these railings. Their only weakness is they tend to scuff easier than some other railings because of their glossy finish. That finish does make it easier to clean off the mildew and pollen that tends to collect on deck railings.

RadianceRail is available in 5 colors as well as 4 different infill choices. The colors can be mixed to create a multi color railing. Such as using the Kona color for the posts and railings and Brownstone colored spindles. They also are available with Horizontal cable, glass infill, and aluminum spindles in round or square. You can find more in at our Radience Deck Railings page

By Ray Ebersol