Where to start?

Custom deck builders Decks R Us offers tips on how to get started building a deck.As I sit inside today looking out at the frozen world around me, sipping on my cup of coffee I can’t help but get a little excited. Because I know that we are half way through January, and in another 6 weeks or so, winter will start to ease its icy grip on us. While you are stuck inside, this time of year is perfect to get started planning your new deck. So below is a list of questions for you to ask yourself to help get started.

What will you use the deck for most often?

Answering this question will help you to make better choices when you pick out the size, shape, and location of the deck. For instance, if the main thing you will use the deck for is parties. You will want to make sure there is an out of the way place to keep the grill, and that the deck is big enough to hold all the people.  Also if your deck will be a play area for your kids, you may want a gate at the top of the steps. We have a lot more advice on this topic here.

Where should we build the deck?

There are lots of things to consider here. Where will it look best on the house layout? Should we center it on the sliding door or offset it? Where will the steps end up at in the yard? We also have much more free advice on choosing the best location for your new deck here.

How big should your new deck be?

This will be determined largely by two factors. What looks best on your house? For the best looking deck, you will want it to be proportional to your house and yard. Will you be eating out on the deck? If you want to have a table and chairs on the deck, I would recommend deciding how big and what shape it will be. That way you can make sure that your deck is big enough to hold the correct size table for the amount of people you want to seat.

Hopefully thinking about outdoor parties is helping you to feel a little warmer by now. Again, we have a lot more to say about these topics and much more on our First Thing to Decide page. Stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks for free advice on choosing the best deck boards and railing for your new deck.

By Ray Ebersol