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Getting the most out of your Pergola

Adding a pergola to your deck is a great way to set it apart from the rest of the decks in your neighborhood. Pergolas are also great installed over a patio or seating area in the yard. They are visually appealing, and are great to hang lights or planters on. But depending on the angle and intensity of the sun, they may offer very little relief from the summertime heat. We recently began using some great Canopies and shade curtains. Adding these to your pergola can make it much more effective at keeping out the sun, as well as adding some privacy to your pergola area.

4 Important Deck Safety Checks

We get a lot of calls every year from people wanting to know if their existing decks are still safe to use. Whether you are getting ready to sell your house, looking at buying a house, or just want to know if it is safe to continue to use your deck until your budget allows for an upgrade. It is crucial to know when a deck can no longer safely support your family members. There are 4 common problems that lead to decks becoming unsafe, which we will address below. However, these are not the only issues that can render a deck unsafe. Check these 4 points, but if there are any red flags at all, please contact a professional in your area for their expert opinion.

Eco-Friendly Building: Sustainability in Deck Design

Sustainable deck design

Amish deck builders may be the original environmental architects. Amish value the community’s welfare and live in harmony with nature. Decks R Us is an Amish-owned company of deck builders that are committed to doing business ethically, are focused on Lean Manufacturing, and work with suppliers like Culpeper Wood Preserves, Azek, J.

How a Pergola on a Deck Completely Transforms Your Outdoor Space

A pergola on a deck is a simple outdoor structure that blurs the boundary between inside and out while providing overhead shade. This addition is great for families who want to be outside during peak sun times without scorching. The canopy and rafters minimize sunlight for a few hours each day. The space and size of pergola’s louvers and lattice give different amounts of shade or sunlight and transforms your deck into a partially shaded outdoor room. 

4 Pool Decks Worth Copying

Pool decks crop up all across the American landscape and look amazing on above ground pools and below. They’re wildly popular with more than 3.5 million scattered across the countryside. These decks can be constructed from various materials including Ipe, Pressure Treated Southern Pine, Cumuru, Cedar, Mahogony, composite, vinyl capped composite, and vinyl. We’ve poured through our creations to show you four pool decks in various materials that’ll inspire you to take action today.  

Is RadianceRail Right for My Deck?

Deck with RadianceRail

RadianceRail is a premier Vinyl Deck Railing manufactured by CPG Building Products. They are now sold under the brand name Azek, but for years were sold as Timbertech Radience Railings. This change happened in 2015 after CPG who owned Azek, bought out Timbertech decking and railing brands. Regardless of the name that appears on the boxes, this remains a top of the line deck railing for several reasons. Aesthetically, it has a big, strong profile with it’s 5” square posts and thick railings. From a performance standpoint, I don’t know of another Vinyl Deck railing available in the darker colors that will beat out these railings. Their only weakness is they tend to scuff easier than some other railings because of their glossy finish. That finish does make it easier to clean off the mildew and pollen that tends to collect on deck railings.