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"we are very pleased with our deck design & color"

Good Evening Melvin,
Thank you for sending the updated invoice and care sheet. I will mail the balance ASAP.
We are extremely happy with the results and our experience throughout. I did write John expressing our excitement and gratitude. Daniel and his crew were extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient. They took well to any of our concerns & feedback. We enjoyed meeting them and appreciate their hard work and diligence to sufficiently use their time to complete the project. After coming upon a few set backs & obstacles with the posts & pipes, they continued at a rapid clip. Having Elmer join in on Friday & wrapping up with some of the guys from the other crew, production was swift but very well done! The weather was tricky, rain, wind & sun, but the team pulled through wonderfully. Please thank them for me. I wasn't here when they last showed.

I will send some pictures to you and John. It's the perfect size for us and we are very pleased with our design & color. It will bring us many years of enjoyment!

Thank you!

Beth & Brian
Chadds Ford PA

"wanted to share with you how happy we are with our deck"

John, Joe, Pappy and Norman

We just wanted to share with you how happy we are with our deck, but most of all the experience that you gave us while building our deck.

While Building my house 10 yrs ago my contractor went bankrupt. In the process of finishing my home with all of the financial hardship the deck was something that i just could not afford. Our house has been without a deck for ten years. So this project meant a lot to us and our Family.

We have been working really hard to ensure we could build the deck we always wanted. Hiring a contractor after our previous experience was hard on us.

John, when you spent over 2 hrs with us talking about our design and material options, answering all of our questions and putting our ideas into a deck design you put our minds at ease. You were able to take our design and give us a quote/contract the next day. You really set the bar high for all of the other Contractors we were about to meet. I want you to know that we meet 7 other contractors after we met with you. Some spent 5 minutes with us, some took weeks to get a quote, some tried to talk us into cheaper materials we really didn’t want, and some never got back to us at all.
Throughout all of those weeks you made 6 different deck designs and several material changes for us with new quotes each time. You got them back to us quickly and made us feel like it was no trouble at all. We want you to know that we enjoyed working with you. Every time we called you our questions and requests were never a problem. The way you handled the issue with our pool deck really made us feel like our satisfaction with our deck was the important thing to you not the additional time or cost of the materials. This really showed us your Integrity and that you are not just in business to make money, but give your customers what they really want. At that point we were reassured that we not only hired the right contractor for the job, but the right people.

Joe, Pappy and Norman, We want to Thank-you for all of your hard work. It rained almost every day and there was mud everywhere. Even with these conditions you were here every day on a regular schedule we could count on. As a team all of you were very approachable. Joe you answered every one of our silly questions and addressed all of our concerns on our daily checklists. You never once made us feel like we were bothering you. We appreciate how you handled the reworking of the pool deck and landing. We know it was additional work for you, but you made us feel like it was no trouble at all. On top of redoing the work on the pool deck you even made suggestions on how to make the pool deck look even better by framing the edge and the waterfall steps. That really showed us that our satisfaction with your work was the most important thing to you and your team. Thank-you for being respectful to us and to our property. It did not feel like we had big rude construction crew working outside of our house, it felt more comfortable like a group of friends.

We want you to know that when we look back on this experience it will be with a smile. This deck has been ten years in the making and i could not imagine what could have been done better. Your craftsmanship was top notch even our inspector commented on your great work. We will recommend Decks R Us to anyone we even hear talking about building a new deck.

And John, if you ever decide to start a “Finished Basements R Us’’ please let us know. We would like a design and quote.

From the bottom of our hearts and the top of our deck,

Nichole and Brandon
Logan & Delainy too.           

Nichole and Brandon, Logan & Delainy
West Chester PA

"We are so pleased with our new space ."

Concerning, Decks R US
We are so pleased with our new space .
We spend all evening on it, having dinner,
talking, enjoying the end of the day together.
All of you worked so hard and did such
a wonderful job making our deck beautiful.
Your workmanship is stellar and the end
result far exceeded our dreams.
Please call me if you ever need a reference
for the future work. We would be happy
to recommend you to anyone.
                               Sincerely & God Bless


West Chester PA

"The guys finished the project on Saturday and it looks great"

John and Melvin
The guys finished the project on Saturday and it looks great, I am thrilled with the work they did the positive attitude everyone had as they worked through everything.   I realize this may be a simple statement but it is important because so many companies fail to do this.
The statement is I got exactly what you promised me, no surprises no issues,  even when I had some questions and wanted to make  adjustments it was always a can do attitude.  Everyone wanted the experience to be perfect.
I can tell you I am a challenge as a customer, slow to make a commitment, not always trusting contractors , sometimes changing my mind but more importantly I can be a pain if I am not getting the service or project I was promised.   At no time did I ever have a problem or concern, the guys came prepared, I thought it was great when some of the materials came prebuilt after measurements were taken on location.  Everything seems to have fit together perfectly.  I think I also made you aware I had an offer to do this project for over $1000.00 less with an earlier start date, again I am thrilled that my wife and I chose to stay the course and keep the project with decks r us.
I asked Elmer to take measurements and ask you to create a quote for a pergola above the extended platform at the end of the deck where the stairs are,  I think this would look great.   I also asked for him to take measurements for a pergola in the original area we discussed, I am still not convinced we should do the second one but we do need some protection from the sun as the only negative to the deck is how  hot it gets now compared to the cedar.  I am open to suggestions but am very interested in at a minimum the pergola at the platform and I would like to have an awning installed in it that I can retract. .
Last item , please do not hesitate to use me as a reference you can give any one of my numbers.
Melvin- The project is complete there are no open issues I am aware of please charge my card for the balance of the project.  If any minor issues do come up I will reach out to you.  I hope to work with your guys on another project after I receive the quote from John.
Best Regards

Lansdale PA

"The crew worked hard and were very professional"

Dear Melvin and all the guys,
    We love our deck. Beautifully constructed - it is just what we wanted! The crew worked hard and were very professional. Thanks for a job well done.

Joyce and David
Downingtown PA

"the new deck looks and feels fantastic"

Dear John,
Within five tough days your men did an incredible job. Wow - the new deck looks and feels fantastic!

Thank you for an excellent job,

Phoenixville PA

"extremely happy with our new deck"

Hello Melvin,
A big thank you to you and John for all the drawings and especially to Elmer and his crew for a fantastic job and working through near 100 deg. Temperatures last week.
Lisa and I are extremely happy with our new deck!

Harleysville PA

"we are very happy with our deck"

John, we are very happy with our deck! Your work crew did a great job. Now, if the weather would give us a break and be a bit cooler, we could be sitting out and enjoying the deck.
We will recommend you to our friends.

Maryellen & Tom
Lancaster PA

"our beautiful deck - we couldn't be more pleased"

Good Afternoon,
   Thank you so much for our beautiful deck - we couldn't be more pleased.  We were out of town during construction and came home just as the guys were finishing up so it was like coming home to a new house!  There was nothing to clean up and construction was complete and ready for use in less than 3 days - amazing!  We look forward to many years of enjoyment on our deck.   Thanks again

Downingtown PA

"We wish to compliment ... for the installation of our beautiful new deck"

We wish to compliment Dan and the crew for the installation of our beautiful new deck. They did an all around excellent job. Thank you and Decks R Us. Please feel free to use us as a reference if needed and I will send some photos after the landscaping is completed.

Joe and Deborah
West Chester PA