Deck Options


Decks R Us can bring you much more than a standard deck. We can build a deck that will stand out in your neighborhood, and maybe even earn you a place in your local Home Showcase like one of our clients. We are always working with our clients to bring them the deck they have been looking for. Some of our favorite decks have been ideas that have come from our customers' heads.



Some Free Advice on Deck Options:

If you haven't already read our Getting Started Deck Advice or taken a look at our Deck Parts Diagram - this could make more sense to you if read that first…

We can build simple decks and more sophisticated decks. But decks is the only thing we specialize in. You may want to think twice about going with a contractor that doesn't specialize in just decks. "Jack of All Trades- Master of None" are some pretty good watch words to follow.

Contractors that build sun rooms, garages, additions and decks just don't specialize in decks the way we do. Decks are our passion! With every deck we build, we improve our quality and get more experience in just one thing- decks.


Deck Lighting

"These days, we're selling lights on just about every deck we build. I think it's great…I want my customers to spend every possible moment out on their deck. I am happiest when a customer tells me they spend more time on their deck than they do in their living room. So if you are going to be relaxing after dinner on a cool summer night on your deck, some accent lighting will make you feel like you're in some mountain top resort..."-John, owner Decks R Us

Take a look at the lighting options we offer.


"Sometimes I think a gazebo can be a crowning touch on one of our decks," says Decks R Us Proprietor John Stoltzfus. "Not only does it provide a real function, but it also makes the entire outdoor space look like a true outdoor retreat."

Clay Azek Gazebo with Screen Package Deck Addition
Clay Azek Gazebo with
Screen Package
Gray Azek Gazebo with Tan Vinyl Railing Deck Addition
Gray Azek Gazebo
with Tan Vinyl Railing


Pressure Treated Wood Gazebo with Cupola Deck Addition
Pressure Treated Wood
Gazebo with Cupola
Composite Gazebo with Double Roof Deck Addition
Composite Gazebo
with Double Roof

As much as we are excited for our customers' rave reviews of the beauty of our decks, and the awards we've received for how our decks look, we are actually more excited when we hear how much the decks get used. We have a lot to say about all the options for a Gazebo.

Pergolas / Arbors

You may have seen them but weren't exactly sure what they were called. "Think of a pergola as a cousin to the gazebo," explains John from Decks R Us. "The difference is, A pergola doesn't have the full roof of a gazebo, And you can't really enclose it with screens, It's just for partial shade or the looks of it. Pergolas are sometimes called arbors or trellises."

"Unlike a gazebo, there isn't as much practicality with a pergola, but man do they look good," says John. Visit our Pergola page for more info.

Steps on Your Deck

"Probably about 95 percent of the decks that we build have steps of some sort," says crew leader Joe Stoltzfus."They either lead down to the backyard, out towards the driveway, down to another level or out to a pool."

Steps are another part of the process that needs to be up to building safety standards. Plus, if you have a new beautiful deck, why not make it accessible too? Thinking that you want to integrate steps into your deck design? Learn more about how we build our steps to perfectly complement your new deck.

Deck Benches

One of the best improvements you can make is to add some deck benches; Our benches are usually made out of the same materials as the decking, They are all custom made to fit your deck, whether you just want a small 4' long bench to fit in a corner, Or a 30' long curved bench that runs all the way along the front of your deck or around an octagon.

Mahogany Wood Corner Deck Bench
Mahogany Wood Corner Bench
Gray Azekdeck Storage Deck Bench
Gray Azekdeck Storage Bench
Brownstone Azekdeck Corner Deck Bench
Brownstone Azekdeck Corner Bench
Brownstone/Redland Rose Storage Deck Bench
Brownstone/Redland Rose Storage Bench
Brownstone Azekdeck Deck Bench with Lights
Brownstone Azekdeck Bench with Lights

Adding deck benches can really add interest to a straightforward deck," teaches decorator Hapeman.

"And put some thought into where you are placing them…when you work with your deck designer, position your benches on your rough draft so they face your best view. If you know you will be entertaining a lot, then make sure the guests on your built-in benches will be part of the party-and not facing the other way." Check out the Deck Benches page for more info

Privacy Walls on Decks

If you want to ensure your privacy or have some parts of the deck you would like to make more intimate, think about maybe putting a privacy fence along one side (or both sides). They can be made out of the same material as the rails so that it looks good with the rest of the deck and rails.

Privacy Wall Deck Deck Privacy Wall Privacy Wall for Deck Wall for Privacy on Deck Deck Privacy Wall Addition

"If your house is close to the neighbors, we can build a really sharp looking privacy screen that looks like it's part of your deck, and not an afterthought..." says John. "We can build a privacy fence a couple different ways; one way is to have a solid panel about 5 feet high, and then put about 12'' of lattice on top to make it a total of about 6'.

Another way is to have the privacy wall totally solid without any lattice on the top, oftentimes these walls are 4'-6' high.

If your new deck will include a Hot tub and you want privacy while in the tub, Decks R Us recommends going with like a 4 or 5-foot high wall around part (or all) of your hot tub. You can see over this wall when you are standing on the deck, but it ensures complete privacy if you are down in the hot tub taking a relaxing soak under the stars.

Under-deck Options (Drainage/Storage)

If you will have an open space between the ground and your deck, you may want to give some thought to deck skirting or Lattice. We're able to provide skirting and lattice all the way up to7' or 8' and if your deck will be above ground that has different elevations, we can build your skirting to follow the contour of the ground.

White Vinyl Deck Lattice
White Vinyl Lattice
Almond Vinyl Deck Lattice
Almond Vinyl Lattice
Matching Azek Deck Skirting
Matching Azek Skirting
Brown Poly Deck Lattice
Brown Poly Lattice

It's just really unattractive and well…to be direct…kind of cheap looking to have that open space around the sides, especially one that's 2'-3' off the ground. It will also keep leaves and twigs from blowing underneath the deck where they are hard to reach, will also keep baseballs, soccer balls, footballs… from rolling under the deck.

Decks R Us always puts an access door in the lattice or skirting so that if you ever need to get in underneath deck it's no problem. A lot of people also use the space underneath to store like your ladder, garden hoses wheelbarrows… it puts them out of the way where you can't see them. Raccoons, skunks and all the other critters will have a hard time making homes underneath the deck if you have the lattice or skirting around the bottom.


If you like the size, style, and function of your existing deck, but are tired of staining or painting it. We can simply replace the flooring and the railing with new low-maintenance decking and railing. We call this process "Redecking," and we have become quite good at it over the years. Please visit our Redecking page for a more detailed explanation and pricing info.


After all these years and all these decks, just when we think we have seen it all, a customer will give us a fresh and exciting new idea for their deck.

Do you have an idea for your customized deck?
Do you have a design that you drew up?
If you can think it, we can build it.

Send your pictures or drawings to us and we can give you an idea of how much your creation would run. Or if you just have the idea in your head, we're pretty good at being "Deck Psychologists" and during your free no obligation consultations, we can help you get your idea down onto paper.


Some cool things we've done:

  • Built a deck around a 100-year-old tree
  • Built a deck with an outdoor bar
  • Built a deck with customized-one of a kind outdoor dining table
  • Built decks with tailor-made benches
  • Built decks with waterproof storage benches
  • Built decks with buffet tables with shelves

Ready for the next step?

See our Pricing Guide to learn about how much it costs to build a deck.

Call us at 717-407-5623 for a free no obligation consultation at your home. We'll have a relaxed chat about some of the things we have covered here including your choices in deck design. We've built hundreds of decks in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.


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