Deck Steps

 Almost all of the decks we build, now include some kind of steps. And, because of their popularity (like most other things deck related), we have a ton of options for you.

deck steps with landing in the middle

Steps with landing in the middle

flared deck steps

Flared steps

large corner deck steps

Large corner steps

corner deck steps

Corner steps

waterfall deck steps

Waterfall steps

long deck steps with flared bottom

Long steps with flared bottom

deck steps with landing and bottom steps flared

Steps with landing and
bottom steps flared

full width deck stairway

Full-width stairway

Deck steps are one of the most functional parts of a deck. They provide access from the deck down to the yard below. When considering where to put the steps coming off the deck, here are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Which part of the yard will I use the most? Turn the steps toward that area.
  • Do I want the steps closest to the driveway, so when there is a party, the guests can go from the driveway directly to the deck without the need of going through the house…or maybe even two sets of steps?
  • Another good rule of thumb is to try to put the steps close to the door that comes out from the house, That way when there's a lot of people on the deck, like let's say there's a big table in the middle of the deck and it's full of friends eating dinner, if someone from inside the house wants to go out to the backyard they can come out the door and down the steps without needing to go through the crowd.

"Do it Yourself" Deck Steps Can Get Tricky.

We try hard not to get "erschwert" (that's Pennsylvania Dutch for "huffy" or "annoyed") when folks tell us that they can easily build a deck just as good as we can. Probably hurts our pride a bit, but steps can really be a tricky part of the job. Aside from the pages of building codes, you'll have to follow- the possibility of error is pretty big. With our Hassle Free Guarantee, we take care of all the permits for you –including the pesky ones for the steps. Even something as straightforward as deck planters can be hard for the weekend warrior.


Before After

Designing a Deck for a Wheelchair Ramp

Deck R Us-with their years of experience in working with local township, county and other municipality code and builder enforcers- is able to help you create a compliant deck with a wheelchair ramp. When meeting for your complimentary session, make sure to review with us any specific things you want for your deck.

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