Deck Steps

Our deck steps are designed with both safety standards and style conventions in mind. Take a look at the steps we add to our decks, and how many options there really are to customize your deck.

deck steps with landing in the middle
flared deck steps
large corner deck steps
corner deck steps
Steps with landing in the middle
Flared steps
Large corner steps
Corner steps
waterfall deck steps
long deck steps with flared bottom
deck steps with landing and bottom steps flared
full width deck stairway
Waterfall steps
Long steps with flared bottom
Steps with landing and bottom steps flared
Full-width stairway

Choosing Steps for Your Deck

Deck steps are one of the most functional parts of a deck. They provide access from the deck down to the yard below, and help create alternate entry points for your home. When considering where to put the steps coming off the deck, here are a few things to ask yourself:

Which part of the yard will I use the most?

If there are certain features that you would like to showcase, like landscaping pieces and ponds, then it's a good idea to face the deck steps in that direction. Alternately, if there are some aspects of your yard that you would like to avoid, you can face away from those.

Do I want to focus on making entry easier?

Keeping the steps closest to the driveway is ideal for people who like to entertain guests often. For example, when hosting a party, if the steps face the driveway then guests can go directly to the deck without going through the house. Another idea to note, is that on decks of certain sizes there may even be room for two sets of steps to ease points of entry.

Should I go simple, or ornate?

Your deck steps don't need to be too fancy - if all you need is a way to get to your deck from below, then a simple stair set is perfectly fine. But if you'd like your deck steps to match the design of the rest of your deck, it may take a little more finesse. Or, if you want to highlight the flow of your deck with an expansive step design, or have the space for full-width, then ornate would be the way to go.

"Do it Yourself" Deck Steps Can Get Tricky

Building steps can become complicated, fast. Aside from the pages of building codes you'll need to follow, the possibility for error is pretty high. With our Hassle Free Guarantee, we handle the building and permits for you - including the pesky ones for steps. We take care of our customers, so they can worry about their event planning when it's finished instead of how to get it done.



Designing a Deck for a Wheelchair Ramp

Deck R Us has years of experience in working with local townships, counties, and other municipality code and builder enforcers. We would love to help you create your deck with a wheelchair ramp up to compliance standards. When meeting for your complimentary session, make sure to review with us any specific things you want for your deck.

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