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What is the cost of adding a gazebo? As much as we are excited for our customers' rave reviews of the beauty of our decks, and the awards we've received for how our decks look, we are actually more excited when we hear how much our decks get used. "Our customers are making a sizeable investment" explains our sales assistant Daniel. "That's one of the reasons why we take the Free Consultations so seriously. And one of the things we try to get them thinking about is how much they can use their outdoor deck. The way we look at it... the more time they will use their deck, the more they'll get out of their investment." Probably the biggest functional addition you can make to your deck is to add a gazebo because it gives you a separate space to one side of your deck that is more protected from the elements and let's you increase your outdoor living time. About 95% of all our customers who select a gazebo go with a screen package so they can use it on days when the bugs may be annoying or if there is a light drizzle. And when the heat is too bad on your deck, you can still enjoy the outdoors by moving your party or your solicitude a few feet away to your gazebo. Depending on which size gazebo you go with (more on that below) you can comfortably set up a table and some chairs for meals or a fantastic home office.

 "Sometimes I think a Gazebo can be a crowning touch on one of our decks," says Decks R Us Proprietor John Stoltzfus
"Not only does it provide a real function, but it also makes the entire outdoor space look like a true outdoor retreat."


Deck Electrical and Screen PackagesNearly everyone goes with an electrical package. For about $550 more, you can outfit your gazebo with an electrical package. It may seem like we're trying to nickel and dime you during your deck decisions, but we strongly encourage you to at least consider all your options. The upgrade to the electrical package could be one of those things you kick yourself for 3 months after your deck and gazebo are completed regretfully saying "For just a few dollars more, I should have had this wired for electricity." Interior Designer Will Hapeman agrees, "I like the way the guys at Decks R Us always preach about function. It really is the most important thing to consider for any new space to your home. And if you really think about HOW you'll be using a gazebo- you probably will have outdoor dining/relaxing on your list. A combination overhead light and fan-on a dimmer to control the speed and brightness can make your gazebo very comfortable even on the muggiest of days. Trust me- a dinner on your new deck/gazebo will not be a fast meal. You and your guests will want to stay put well into the night so an adjustable light where you can control the brightness can let you see what's on the table without making it feel like an operating room. An electrical outlet is really a must if you'll be using your new gazebo a lot- whether it's to plug in an outdoor TV, or your laptop if you want to use it as your newest home office."


The Standard Decks R Us Electrical Package

includes 1 outlet with hidden wiring running up to the ceiling for lights and a ceiling fan. We can obtain the necessary electrical permits for you.

Gazebo Screen Packages:

If your intended use of your deck gazebo includes using it during the times when bugs could be a problem, consider a screen package. You get the benefits of a nice cross breeze without any uninvited guests of the insect variety. You may not the have the view that Hotel Cozumel has but a gazebo on Window Packages your deck gives you another way to enjoy your own million dollar view. You can go from using your deck/gazebo in just the summer months to up to 9 months out of the year by upgrading to a window package. Decks R Us has done the research for you and only recommends the dark tinted poly-privacy windows. Some of the window packages we can advise you on have a retractable system so they easily open and close from either 100% open to 100% closed. This way you can adjust how much cross ventilation you want and the darker tint material still gives you a view to the outside.

Deck Gazebo Size

Will Hapeman -known by his clients as The Decorating Coach- advises to go with a round table. "Gazebos have a unique floor plan and the square footage isn't like a traditional room so putting a square or rectangular dining table can gobble up a lot of much needed space. But a circular table can fit directly into he center, and give your guests enough room to get in and out during a spring dinner. Besides, if you think about it, gathering around a circular table is much more intimate than the traditional dining room table with 2 narrow ends and 2 long ends. So that you can fit more people around your table, consider getting an inexpensive long narrow server to put against one of the walls. You can use this for both storage and for extra space that's within arm's length when you have gazebo full of guests over." "This is probably my favorite way to add a gazebo. Here, the homeowner didn't sacrifice any real square footage. By adding the gazebo to the corner, they created a full-additional room for evening dinners and a quite afternoons with a good book without taking away from the useable deck space"

Some Bad News….You have still more choices to make with your gazebo…
In addition to all the choices you have with your deck, you have still more when selecting a gazebo.
For a complete list all your choices, Download Your Gazebo Brochure.


The Size of Your Gazebo

Think of your gazebo as a 12 foot by 12 foot square, with the corners chopped off so all the sides are equal.
Most all gazebos are octagons with 8 sides. Unlike a 12 foot square deck- when we refer to a 12 foot gazebo we are talking about the measurement from one side to the other. Remember though, in Gazebo-speak, the measurement is taken on the roof- inside the posts- not the floor, so a 12 foot gazebo may not have much more than 10 foot of floor space across."We strongly recommend to our customers not go with anything smaller than a 12 foot gazebo, " says Ray Ebersol of Decks R Us. "Anything smaller than that and you lose a lot of functionality. And when in doubt- measure for yourself! We had a client named Joe who just wasn't sure about at 16 foot gazebo. He was worried it would be too big, so we went out to his yard and laid out the garden hose on the grass to show him what 16 foot looked like. Then we grabbed some lawn furniture and card table and set it up to show a table and 6 chairs all within the hose to get an idea of how much space he would have. Once he could see that a 16 foot gazebo wasn't overly big- he decided to go with it. And if you don't have long garden hose? Spray paint the dimensions on your grass. It will be gone by the next mowing."

Want a diagram of all the measurements of the standard gazebo styles?

Drop us an email and we'll send you a few sketches with the dimensions to help you make your decision.

Construction of Your Gazebo

Customer Deck Gazebo

Our gazebos come fully assembled by our friends here in Lancaster and we feel they are truly the best ones anywhere. There are a few different ways we can secure your gazebo to our deck. We usually advise people to place their gazebo off to one side or the other of their main deck usually in a corner. John explains why: "This way, you aren't losing that much square footage and we can even save you a bit on railings because the gazebo walls actually are the perimeter of the deck." If you have decided on a gazebo with a door, you can select a position for the gazebo door that makes the most sense for access from the rest of your deck. Some of the more common ways to configure a deck with a gazebo: The other choice is to have 3 sides of the gazebo built into the deck. This creates a nice octagonal look around the side.


A Real Life Story from one of our Customers

Ray retells it, "We had a customer in Landenberg, PA who wanted a gazebo to take full advantage of the peaceful wooded back yard she had. When we asked how she was going to use the gazebo, she told us she planned on putting a table and some chairs out there for small dinners and morning coffee. We advised her to really think about the screen package; that all the trees in her back yard were going to mean plenty of insects, including mosquitoes during the summer months. No matter how good the cooking was, nobody was probably going to stay long in her new gazebo deck if they were getting bitten. She also really wanted her gazebo to perfectly match her deck. In her deck builder shopping, she heard from all the other builders "No! That can't be done. You must choose from the 2 choices of gazebos we have." Needless to say, she was pretty happy when she called us out and instead we asked her for a bit of time so we could go back to the guys who make our gazebos for us. And sure enough, they were able to customize her gazebo so it matched her deck exactly. She now has one of the sharpest looking deck and gazebo projects we've ever done."

The Cost of Adding a Gazebo

Want to know how much does a gazebo cost? It depends a lot on size, they can run anywhere between $8,000 for a standard model without the screens, doors or window packages. A 16 foot gazebo-which is a great size-with the electrical package, the ceiling fan, the lights, the outlet, a door, the screens and the tinted windows- all the bells and whistles can run about $13,500."I'd say the average gazebo we put in is about $10,000. It's a 12 foot gazebo that's not real fancy but comes with the screens, a cupola and the electrical package" reports Ray. "That is big enough for the customers to really comfortably put a small table and 4 chairs around it."


Wow!       Kevin and I are so pleased with our new deck!    It is just beautiful, the crew did an excellent job. We will be making wonderful memories with the kids and grandchildren right away.  I will send you some pictures.
Thank you so much
Kevin & Marsheila R.

(We didn’t list their full names here on the site, but let us know if you want to talk these folks or any of our other past customers.)

It never hurts to ask!

We always encourage all our customers to find out what the price would be on the gazebo they are looking for. There are a couple of variables that can make it cheaper or more expensive. Add a Gazebo