Decks with Gazebos

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We’re excited to hear how often our award-winning decks are used. Customers make a sizeable investment in a deck, and adding a gazebo increases your outdoor living time even more by protecting you from the elements. When it’s hot on the deck, move under the gazebo’s shade. Or, add a screen to shield against bugs and drizzle. 95% of our gazebos have screens added to them, making this a functional space for dining, outdoor entertainment, and additional living space.

"A gazebo can be a crowning touch on one of our decks," says Decks R Us Proprietor John Stoltzfus. "Not only does it provide a real function, but it also makes the entire outdoor space look like a true outdoor retreat."

deck with gazeboTake things to the next level and outfit your gazebo with an electrical package that allows you to have an overhead light, fan on a dimmer, or TV. This makes your space functional on muggy days. Plus, your dinner guests will thank you when they stay cool and entertained all summer long.

The Standard Decks R Us Electrical Package

Our standard electrical package includes 1 outlet with hidden wiring running up to the ceiling for lights and a ceiling fan. We'll get the electrical permits for you.

Gazebo Screen Packages

Deck with gazebo and lattice

  • Screen packages protect you from bugs and rain. Get the benefits of a cross breeze without inviting pests inside.
  • Window packages give your gazebo a spectacular view and allow you to stay outside up to 9 months of the year. Add dark tinted poly-privacy windows with a retractable system. You’ll have a clear view. Open or close your windows 100% and adjust your cross ventilation.


Download Your Gazebo Brochure.

The Size of Your Gazebo

Don't go with anything smaller than a 12-foot gazebo. Little gazebos aren't functional. When in doubt, measure for yourself by wrapping a garden hose in a 12 to 16-foot circle. Put some lawn furniture inside, and look around to get an idea of how much space you'll have in your gazebo.

Want a diagram of all the measurements of the standard gazebo styles?

Drop us an email and we'll send you a few sketches with the dimensions to help you make your decision.

Construction of Your Gazebo

Customer Deck Gazebo

There are a few different ways we can secure your gazebo to your deck. We usually advise people to place their gazebo off to one side of their main deck, usually in a corner. John explains why: "This way, you aren't losing that much square footage, and we can even save you a bit on railings because the gazebo walls actually are the perimeter of the deck." If you have decided on a gazebo with a door, you can select a position for the door that makes the most sense for access from the rest of your deck. 

The Cost of Adding a Gazebo

Wondering how much a gazebo costs? It depends a lot on size. They can run anywhere between $9,000 for a standard model without the screens, doors, or window packages. Meanwhile, a 16-foot gazebo with the electrical package, the ceiling fan, the lights, the outlet, a door, the screens, and the tinted windows can run about $15,000. "I'd say the average gazebo we put in is about $11,500. It's a 12-foot gazebo that's not real fancy, but comes with the screens, a cupola, and the electrical package" reports Ray. "That is big enough for the customers to really comfortably put a small table and 4 chairs around it.

It never hurts to ask!

We always encourage all of our customers to find out what the price would be on the gazebo they are looking for. There are a couple of variables that can make it cheaper or more expensive, so it's always beneficial to ask!

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A Real-Life Customer Story

Ray retells it, "We had a customer in Landenberg, PA who wanted a gazebo to take full advantage of the peaceful, wooded back yard she had. When we asked how she was going to use the gazebo, she told us she planned on putting a table and some chairs out there for small dinners and morning coffee. We advised her to really think about the screen package; that all the trees in her backyard were going to mean plenty of insects, especially during the summer months. No matter how good the cooking was, nobody was going to stay long in her new gazebo deck if they were getting bitten.

She also really wanted her gazebo to perfectly match her deck. While searching for a deck builder, she heard from all the other builders, 'No, that can't be done. You must choose from the 2 choices of gazebos we have.' Needless to say, she was pretty happy when she called us out. We asked her for a bit of time so we could go back to the guys who make our gazebos for us, and sure enough, they were able to customize her gazebo so it matched her deck exactly. She now has one of the sharpest looking deck and gazebo projects we've ever done."