How Much Does a Deck Cost?

There are many factors that influence the final cost of a deck. Feel free to use our deck cost calculator tool to get a price for your deck, including options like railings and materials. We’ve also narrowed down the most significant elements, and have example decks with estimates provided below to give you more details.  

The three biggest things that determine the cost of your deck are its size, the material you choose, and the features you add.

What Determines a Deck’s Price?


Most contractors determine their deck cost per square foot. So simply put, the larger the deck is, the more expensive it will tend to be. However, depending on the deck’s material, the price per square foot will vary. This is where materials come in.


The materials you choose will heavily influence the overall cost of your deck. For example, pressure-treated wood decks start around $30 to $35 per square foot. Meanwhile, elaborate decks with exotic hardwoods or composite, capped composite, or vinyl run $40 to $50 per square foot. 

A larger deck with simple materials may wind up being a lower cost than a small deck with capped composite; so keep materials in mind when choosing your deck options.

Additional Features

Features can make a significant difference in the cost of your deck. For example, the number of steps it takes to reach the ground. Steps are very labor-intensive to build and install, so they tend to increase cost.

Additional features such as diagonal flooring, lighting, pergolas, benches, privacy walls, fences, and under-deck features also contribute to the final price of a deck. 

To get a better idea of how much a deck costs, here are a few examples of decks in different price ranges, and the features included with each:

Deck costs between $9,000 - $10,500

$9K - $10.5K Deck

Economical - Low Maintenance - Plenty of Space
Get superb value with a practical, ground-level deck. Features like natural wood grain patterns in composite flooring, white vinyl railing, and hidden deck fasteners save on maintenance costs.
Deck costs between $20,000 - $22,500

$20K - $22.5K Deck

Custom Options - Low Maintenance
Fashion a custom-designed deck. Discover the beauty of low-upkeep Azek flooring. Hidden fasteners and low voltage lighting put safety at the forefront. Invest in your home without the hassle of major remodeling.
Deck costs between $34,500 - $39,000

$34.5K - $39K Deck

Lots of Custom Options - Lots of Space - Low Maintenance
Get instant appeal, premium materials, and 500 square feet of living space. TimberTech composite decking offers natural-looking wood texture beneath state-of-the-art capped polymer. Add a white vinyl pergola, stone pillars, and a lower octagonal deck with custom built-ins to make your outdoor space the new living area.
Deck costs between $49,500 - $54,000

$49.5K - $54K Deck

Many Custom Options - Highest Quality and Low Maintenance Materials
Get everything you need with fully-warrantied technologically-advanced flooring like TimberTech Azek, a hip-style porch roof, curved front steps, premium double gate, and elite white columns. Boost your home’s aesthetic value with a long-lasting, enjoyable space.