Pressure Treated Deck Railing


Our Pressure Treated Deck Railing is custom built using the best #1 grade Pressure Treated Wood that we can find. There are several styles that we use a lot, the traditional style where we end the posts at the top of the rails and finish it off with a deck board flat on top of the posts and rails. Or we can extend the posts up past the rails and install post caps, Post caps and spindles are available in pressure treated wood, or for a little more money, powder-coated aluminum. The aluminum caps and spindles are available in white, black, or bronze, the spindles are 3/4" and can be round or square. We can also add post lights to any style wood railing. Pressure Treated Wood rails will need to be maintained just liked any wood rails. These rails typically run about $25-$30 per foot with installation & posts included.

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