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We’ve built hundreds of decks throughout our region, and we've picked a few that should help you while considering your new deck…

#1:  I Want a Backyard Retreat but Know I Can’t Afford it...

Backyard Retreat Deck Solution Customer Story

The Client Wanted...

Sue had spent a lot of time watching television shows and looking at magazines with beautiful custom decks that came with outrageous price tags.  So it made sense that she assumed anything like that was way out of her budget.  She knew that her family would use an outdoor deck if it was the real highlight of her home, and she dreamed of a pergola and a hot tub. 

As a mother with two little ones, she also wanted a safe place for the kids to play where she could keep an eye on them.   Sue was overwhelmed with all the things she could do with her deck and was a little frustrated because she didn’t have a clear idea of what the cost was going to be; she just assumed it was going to be astronomical!

And on top of it all, Sue had heard horror stories from her neighbors about the permit and inspection process.  Her friend down the street scared her with her account of having to take off work to run home and wait 3 hours for an inspector only to find out she didn’t have the right form. She risked a hefty fine unless she halted construction right away.

The Decks R Us Solution...

“It was pretty clear that Sue wanted to use her new deck more than just a place to look onto and have an occasional cup of coffee.  We feel the most rewarded when he hear from customers who tell us they practically live on their decks, and I wanted to give Sue as much I could but still respect her budget,” says owner John.

One of the bad things about those television shows and magazines is they don’t give you a break down of what a dream deck will cost, so like a lot of our customers, we gave Sue a no-pressure overview of how decks are priced. 

We started with the basic layout and came up with some really neat options to make her deck more like an outdoor family room.  At each step of the way, we were able to give Sue a revised total of what the project was going to cost.  “To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never had a customer pay a penny more than what they expected.  It’s just the way we do business.”

The Client Reaction...

I had all these ideas, and I just couldn’t visualize how they would all come together and was sure that my wish list was way out of reach.  But because John took the time to teach me the prices for a standard deck and how much each option, like the pergola, was going to be- it was really easy to add or subtract until I got the right balance between my budget and what I wanted.  The other guys I spoke with weren’t able (or were unwilling) to do that.

You should see my deck!  We have a beautiful back yard and our deck is even nicer.  The first design John came back with wasn’t exactly what I wanted and he could tell! And without having to say anything to him, John offered to redesign it until I loved it.  It was nice during that process to call someone who actually answered their phone.  Unlike the driveway guys we called the summer before. 

By working together I got exactly what I wanted:

  • A 650 square foot deck on 2 levels
  • Steps and lattice work on both
  • A recessed hot tub area with a gorgeous pergola over it for privacy
  • A matching pergola at the other corner and a swing!
  • Benches made from the exact same low maintenance material
  • And what I loved best?  They took care of all the township permits for me!  My neighbor was annoyed when she heard that.

Oh well…she should have called Decks R Us!

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I want to thank you, John and your crew for a wonderful deck and a highly professional crew.  I know that we've already directed our neighbors on Larkspur Rd. to get in touch with you due to their observations of our deck being constructed.  I hope that they and other friends and neighbors will pursuing getting a deck built by Deck-R-Us.  I will definitely refer anyone that is looking for a deck.


Roger Os.

(We didn’t list their full names here on the site, but let us know if you want to talk these folks or any of our other past customers.)

#2  Here’s Why You Should Get an Expert Opinion...

Pressure Treated Wood Deck Renovation Solution Customer Story

The Client Wanted...

Chad P. had given a lot of thought to refurbishing/renovating his existing pressure treated wood deck.  He was sure he wanted to increase his useable deck space by adding to his 7 year old structure and because they were on a tight budget, he assumed that his best option was to simply add onto his existing deck.   He had a vision of a “dream custom deck” that would include:

  1. Enough room for his new expensive patio set and grill, and some extra chairs
  2. Something large enough so he could have the extended family over - about 15 people
  3. Something easy to care for

That’s where he got his idea for a two tiered deck and wanted to learn how much this was going to cost.

The Decks R Us Solution...

We put a lot of work upfront into this job!  We were there working and re-working a preliminary design with the family until at least 9:00 pm! 

When we discussed the idea of renovating the deck to add this second deck, we were able to point out to the family some things they didn’t realize.   In our opinion, tearing down the existing deck and going with something brand new was actually a wiser choice.

His old deck was kind of small, and any deck builder would be forced to start digging additional holes all through the yard for the addition.  Plus the sides of the deck would have to be torn off- about (1/3 of the entire deck) so it could connect with the new part.  AND, in order to meet current building codes and make it safe, the deck would have to be installed properly into the house.  

It was our best advice for Chad was to go with a brand new deck.  For a few dollars more, we could give him a composite that would not have the maintenance of pressure treated wood that he hated already.   

Now here’s where we uncovered a very common mistake so many would-be deck owners make:  Chad thought their only choice in the composite material was Trex.  And he knew he did NOT like Trex!   Says John from Decks R US, “I usually explain to folks that Trex is to Composite Materials like Kleenex is to Tissues- Trex is only a well known brand of composite and there are other choices.”   

In sitting at the kitchen table that night, we also pointed out the conflict between the 2 tiers of decks and the family’s wish for useable space.  Says Ray Ebersole of our team “When you split a deck up into 2 elevations or surfaces, the amount of continuous surface space decreases, so if you wanted to set up 2 picnic tables side by side- you would not be able to do that on a surface that was not even.”

Finally, when we were walking around Chad’s existing deck, we noticed a lot of toys for his active kids so we gave him a 2nd quote that actually showed how much it would be for us to be building some custom storage underneath his deck.  So rather than a big ugly plastic container in the garage- all the toys, balls, bats, foot balls, bicycles were now stored under the deck where it was easy for the children to get to and completely waterproof!

The Client Reaction...

 I had heard from some friends that wouldn’t recommend Trex, so I thought that the only other choice I had was wood, which didn’t exactly thrill me because I knew that a wood deck would require a lot of upkeep.  

To be honest, I wasn’t sure where to begin- I had all these ideas, and had heard a lot of Do’s and Don’ts and it wasn’t until Decks R Us came out that it all started to come together.   John really knows how confusing all the deck options can be for a home owner. 

He walked me through what I wanted, and he showed me how adding onto my existing deck wasn’t really going to save me any money.  Once that was settled, we discussed material choices and I was surprised to hear him give me his honest professional opinion that Trex material was not his first choice either.  He explained that there were about 60 other composite choices and told me his favorites and why. 

After about 3 hours with us, we finally figured exactly what we wanted.  We now have 400 square foot deck in the composite with a small storage space underneath, and these really great looking lighted rails, a slick looking corner step and even a corner bench with planter boxes.  I spent a little more than I had intended to, but it didn’t come as a surprise.  John explained throughout the whole process how different choices would affect the final price of the deck, so I didn’t feel taken advantage of- I felt in control of the whole process.

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#3  What to do with that Slab in the Back Yard




Backyard Deck Slab Solution Customer Story


The Client Wanted...

Gary R. had an old concrete patio in the back of his house that was pretty bland looking.  And because Gary had a beautiful home, this old patio looked even more out of place.  Gary was thinking about putting in a patio deck to give them some outdoor living space they would want to use, but they had a few requirements:

  1. It had to be wheelchair accessible
  2. Since the back of the house got a lot of direct sunlight, it had to offer some shade
  3. They wanted some storage for their deck cushions so they didn’t have to lug everything in and out when it rained or snowed
  4. Enclose the bottom so animals wouldn’t get in under the deck.

The Decks R Us Solution...

This was a fun job!

We first went over the choices of material with Gary and decided on the Azek because it is low maintenance and found a color that suited the house.  From there, we worked and reworked a design that incorporated a pergola that the family could use during the hot summer months.  (We always try to design a deck that our customers will use as much as possible.) 

When we worked on the final design back in the office, we played around with a few different pergola options until we found one with the right scale with the rest of the house and didn’t look out of place.  We also paid special attention to design of the wheel chair ramp; we wanted to make it look like a natural part of the deck and not some ugly thing that you see tacked on to other decks.  For Gary’s storage needs, we gave him a few options and then worked with him to come up with a design for combination benches and storage-giving a place for his cushions and some extra sitting.  And found a lattice design that was in the same color of the rest of the deck to keep the animals from making a home under his new deck.

The Client Reaction...

Gary puts it best: “We had a lot of decks guys come out and take a look at our space but we just didn’t feel completely confident with any of them.  My meetings with them seemed rushed and I felt they were doing me a favor.  

They all said they had ideas but only Decks R Us seemed to have a real plan for what to do.  John came out and spent about an hour and a half carefully helping me see all my options and which one would be best. 

Now I have this beautiful 14 x 32 deck made from the Azek and a 14 x 20 Pergola that gives us plenty of room for shade.  They made waterproof storage benches that gives us seating and keep our outdoor stuff dry.  The wheelchair ramps they made matches the deck and the house perfectly.  It doesn’t look like it was added after the fact. 

And I really liked the lattice work they installed around the bottom to keep the animals out.  You really don’t notice the functionality of it because it looks so nice.  I’ve told a lot of people not only about the work Decks R Us did, but how easy the process was.  I got exactly what I wanted.

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