Superior Vinyl Railings

Superior Vinyl Railings are manufactured in the heart of Lancaster County Pa. by our good friends at Superior Plastic Products. They are available in White, Tan, Almond, Clay, and Black colors. All of the colors can be ordered with matching 1-1/4" square spindles or with black, bronze, white or Kona aluminum spindles.

They come with a lifetime warranty and are very low-maintenance. They are made of a vinyl outer shell with aluminum channels inside for strength. The top railing is a “T” shape measuring 3-1/2” across by 3-1/2” high. The bottom railing is a rectangular shape measuring 1- 1/2” across by 3-1/2” high.

These railings are a good option for anyone who has a homeowner’s association in their development. Because this style of rail has been around for years, it is approved by most associations. Want to make your deck unique from the others on the block? Aluminum spindles give you a look you won't find around the corner. They will help to set your deck apart from the rest of the decks in your neighborhood.

Also, if you have a nice view from your deck, we recommend a smaller spindle. The larger square spindles tend to block off the view, but with the aluminum spindle's smaller round design, your eyes tend to look right through them to see the view.


This is our most cost-effective railing. It can run anywhere from $40-$50 per foot, including posts and installation. The White color is the cheapest, the Tan, Almond, and Clay are a bit more and the Black color would be the most expensive. The matching square spindles tend to be a little bit cheaper, so if you choose the aluminum spindles that will add a few dollars per foot as well.

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