"The deck is beautiful and functional"


Hi John,

Thanks so much!  I was bummed I didn't get to say goodbye to Elhmer.  He was awesome and honestly, I will miss them being here.

I've never been happier. The deck is beautiful and functional.   

There's only one thing I would change and it's not a big deal, but there's an area that doesn't have the support beam so it leaves your eye to think there's a hole in the skirt of the deck-- I think it is because the whole thing is wrapped beautifully. Once Elhmer explained it to me I got it, but for a week I thought they'd left this hole on purpose so they could walk under it easier.  So, please don't consider it a complaint. It is not. Just an observation from someone who doesn't know anything about construction per se, but would look at the finishing.  A picture is attached.  Again, not a complaint! :) 


Harrisburg PA