Wrought Iron Railings

wrought iron railings by decks r us

This modern version of Wrought Iron railing is actually made of aluminum. It is also powder coated for durability. It is made by Key-link Fencing in New Holland PA and sold under the brand name American Railing. It has several advantages over traditional Wrought Iron. It is much lighter and easier to work with, it will not rust, and is more cost-effective. This railing comes with several different styles of spindles including round, square, or twisted. It is a great option if you want to have your deck stand out from all the other decks in your neighborhood. These rails are very sturdy and come with a lifetime warranty. The standard styles of Wrought Iron railing cost around 35% more than the Superior Vinyl rails. But of course, the more elaborate styles of spindles will also be more expensive. View the complete catalog of colors and styles. wrought iron railings installed by decks r us

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